Claudine Sivilla, Sales Associate, REALTOR®

Meet Claudine Sivilla, a realtor who's worked all over the U.S. and who puts client happiness first.

Claudine began her career in environmental health and safety, a field she was passionate about. However, as a military spouse, her frequent moves made it difficult to find a job with employers who knew Claudine might be relocating as a military spouse. So, taking the initiative, Claudine decided to become licensed as a real estate agent and start her own business. As she and her family moved, Claudine has taken her business to three states: after obtaining her license in Florida, she also became licensed in Louisiana, New Jersey and Maryland.

The experience of working as a REALTOR® in these four states, learning the ins and outs of each state's real estate market, has helped Claudine hone her skills and she's ready to bring that experience and knowledge to helping a new group of clients. “I've worked primarily with buyers in the past,” she says, “but I'm excited to work with both buyers and sellers.” She's also excited to use her experience working with military families. “I know what families like that need,” she says, “because I'm part of a family with the same circumstances.” Family is important to Claudine, and she likes to treat her clients like they're members of her family, going that last extra mile to help them out like she would for other members of her family.

When she's working, Claudine likes to focus on the joy in her work. “It's not based on how big the sale is,” she says, “for me, the most important thing is how happy my clients are and how happy their home makes them.” This focus on happiness comes from Claudine's personal life. “I grew up in an apartment, kind of separated from my neighbors,” she says, “but now we live in a great neighborhood and there's always kids from other houses dropping by to play with our kids, and it's great for them.” She knows that the right home can make all the difference, and she loves working with her clients to help them find exactly what they are looking for.

Claudine hadn't planned on working with The Bob & Ronna Group, but after several phone calls and a lot of thought, she decided it would a great step forward for her career. A large part of why she decided to join The Bob & Ronna Group is the amount of support they offer their agents. “Before, I had to make my own way in everything,” she says, “now I have this huge support system and these great leads.” She's also really enjoyed the experience of working on a team, since it means there's always someone available to answer questions, give advice about their own experiences, or lend a hand when needed.